Useful Resources And Links On Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Below is list of resources and links relating to Testosterone Replacement Therapy. These resources are by no means everything that is out there. These are resources I am familiar with, that I referenced in the book, and have referred to personally. Use them as a starting point and I encourage you to discover and build your own list of resources that work best for you personally. What works for you, keep and use. What doesn’t, simply ignore and move on.

TRT Video Channels

These video channels can be used to educate yourself about the basics of TRT, as well as more advanced topics, testosterone optimization and video guides.

Paolo Broccardo – TRT For Beginners
Here I cover TRT basics, common questions and demonstration videos.

TRT and Hormone Optimization
Join Steven De Vos and other doctors covering common TRT questions, as well as more advanced testosterone optimization content.

Balance My Hormones
This UK-based clinic provides good content on TRT basics and more advanced protocols and substances for TRT based on real-world patient treatments.

The Men’s Health Clinic
Dr Robert Stevens (also UK-based) provides valuable TRT insight based on real-world patient treatments, and includes a special focus on microdosing TRT.

TRT Injection Guides
Here you find videos on how to do TRT injections in the glutes, quads and deltoids, as well as how to open glass ampoule.

TRT Books

These are some of the many books available on TRT that I recommend for getting a proper understanding on the subject. Many offer valuable information on more than just basic TRT. The first two by Jay Campbell are essential.

The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible – Jay Campbell

The Testosterone Replacement Therapy Manual– Jay Campbell

Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy – Lee Myer

Testosterone: A Man’s Guide – Nelson Vergel

Optimized Under 35: How to Boost Testosterone, Increase Your Sex Drive, and Achieve Incredible Health – Daniel Kelly
A comprehensive book on TRT and lifestyle optimization for younger men, but just as valuable for older men.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – John Crisler

The Testosterone Syndrome – Eugene Shippen and William Fryer

TRT Websites and Forums

The TRT Hub
Here I cover in blog format the basics of TRT and many of the topics covered on the Paolo Broccardo YouTube channel.

The ExcelMale Website and Forum
Nelson Vergel’s website provides immense value and insight on TRT. The forum is a must for TRT beginners and veterans alike. Nelson’s contributions and work are massive and appreciated greatly.

Jay Campbell
Jay has recently branched into other areas of interest in his life (as I recommend everyone do). However, his work on TRT and TOT remain hugely valuable, and this compendium of articles (along with his books) will get you up to speed on TRT and serve you well on your TRT journey.

TRT and Hormone Optimization
This group is all about TRT and Hormone Optimization Therapy. Run by Steven De Vos from the TRT and Hormone Optimization YouTube channel. Get all your TRT and TOT questions answered here. You can also share stories and read about the experiences of others on their TRT journey. You may find information about other doctors and clinics in your area here.

The ADAM and qADAM tests

Black Market Vendors, Stores and Resources Vendor and Source Reviews
The number one place to find your products, based on reviews and other REAL user experiences and feedback.

BasicStero – Pharmacom Labs
The official store for high-quality Pharmacom Labs products direct from the manufacturer. Ships worldwide.

A reliable vendor for many years that ships to most countries. Offers payment via credit card for those that don’t want the hassle of using cryptocurrency. Stocks a wide variety of testosterone and other products, including syringes and needles.

Anarchy, Voluntarism and Freedom Websites and Resources

Larken Rose
The Tiny Dot
The Most Dangerous Superstition Full Audio Book

Government – The Biggest Scam In History
This website also sells all Larken Rose’s books, as well as a flash drive filled with books, documentaries, podcasts, MP3s, short videos, and music from the truth movement’s leading artists

What On Earth Is Happening – Mark Passio
Mark’s website is jam-packed with valuable video content and presentations on anarchy and natural law.

Natural Freedom League

The Corbett Report

The Mises Institute
The Mises Institute makes available many thousands of books, along with the full run of rare journals, biographies, and bibliographies of great economists — all for free. They specialize in the works of the Austrian school of economics and classic liberalism.

Anarchy, Voluntarism and Freedom Books

The Most Dangerous Superstition – Larken Rose

The Voluntarist Handbook – Keith Knight

The End Of All Evil – Jeremy Locke

Anatomy Of The State – Murray N Rothbard

An Agorist Primer – Samuel Edward Konkin III

How To Opt-Out Of The Technocratic State – Derrick Broze

The Anarchist Handbook – Michael Malice

Being Logical – A Guide To Good Thinking – D.Q. McInerny

Cryptocurrency Resources



TRT Clinics And Services

All UK and EU providers I am aware of can be found here:

This only covers the UK and Europe unfortunately. And there aren’t many. As I am made aware of additional resources, I will update these lists.

Your best bet, especially for non-EU and UK countries, is to join a TRT online group where they share this kind of information.

UK-Based Online Clinics and Telemedicine

Balance My Hormones

Eden Clinic For Men

US-Based Online Clinics and Telemedicine

Grant Hormone & Wellness
(** My personal recommendation. Jordan Grant understands overall health and TRT better than most doctors out there)

Defy Medical

Elevate Wellness

The Restore Clinic

Paris Health Group

Marek Health

Online Blood Tests and Laboratories

I recommend having blood drawn from the vein in person at a hospital or doctor, as it is usually more accurate than online finger-prick tests. However, sometimes this is all that is available or practical for your situation.

Let’s Get Checked
Online blood testing that services the US, UK and Ireland.

Online blood testing that services the UK.

Discounted Labs
US-Based lab tests

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