Struggling With Low Testosterone, Difficult Doctors and Sky High TRT Costs?

The Power To Turn Your Life Around Is In YOUR Hands Now.

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT Is Here!

Are you struggling with low testosterone?

Are you battling to find effective testosterone replacement therapy?

Are you suffering financially with the exorbitant costs of TRT?

Are difficult, inexperienced doctors denying you treatment or prescribing you inadequate treatments that leave you miserable?

Low testosterone can leave you crippled. It’s tough enough learning that you need TRT.

But then you run into obstacles that deny or limit your access to proper treatment. 

If only you could take matters into your own hands and avoid the red tape and complications of the medical, pharmaceutical and government bureaucracy.

That option didn’t exist. Until now!

Living with low testosterone sucks. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Finally, there’s a solution that puts the power back in your hands. Back where it belongs. 

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT is your toolkit for safe, effective and affordable
testosterone replacement therapy via the black market.  

All the information you need to design and implement your own treatment is now between two covers.

The best (and only) book on the subject!

This book goes where no other author had the balls to go – the underground black market and self-managed testosterone replacement therapy.

Reason To Pick Up This Book

Take your Testosterone Replacement Therapy into your own hands and take your health, life and mindset to the next level.

Affordable TRT

You’ve been struggling to get proper TRT due to exorbitant costs and overpricing, difficult and inexperienced TRT physicians, or access to the appropriate facilities and medications.

Effective Treatment

You realize that managing your own TRT is probably cheaper and more effective than relying on inexperienced doctors and bureaucratic healthcare systems motivated by financial gain.


All the information you need to manage your own testosterone replacement therapy is now available in one place.

Self Empowerment

You are experienced with TRT and are looking to treat yourself via the black market and you’d like more information to manage your treatment safely, effectively, and much more cost-effectively.

Suitable For Beginners

You may be an absolute beginner to TRT, but have the mindset, motivation and diligence to design and manage your own treatment safely and effectively.

Benefits Of Self-Managed TRT

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Massive Cost Savings

Say goodbye to exorbitant clinic, medication and doctor’s costs, saving you hundreds, even thousands each year.

Effective Treatment

No more dealing with inexperienced and ineffective doctors and healthcare services. Success is in your hands.

Practical and Flexible

Treat yourself anywhere, any time. No need for trips to the doctor and pharmacy – your medication is sent to your doorstep.

What you will learn

This guide covers all the important information you will need to get started.

Your Right To TRT

Why you have the right to testosterone replacement therapy and how a philosophy of freedom empowers this natural right.

Low Testosterone Basics

The basics of low testosterone, problems with the normal testosterone range and low testosterone causes and symptoms.

TRT Basics

The risks, benefits, and side-effects of TRT, as well as complex cases and additional medications.

TRT Self Treatment Guide

Determining the best TRT treatment protocol, TRT application method, as well as diagnosing and resolving potential issues.

Black Market Guide

How to navigate the black market and find, evaluate, and safely order underground products for your TRT treatment.

TRT Evaluation

How to evaluate your treatment and progress using blood work and lab analysis and make the necessary changes as required.

Written by a veteran of the TRT Community

Paolo Broccardo has been researching TRT and creating content on the topic since 2014. He has experience dealing with both industry professionals and the public alike. 

Paolo has been on TRT since 2009 and has been exploring black-market treatment since 2018. His goal for this book was to provide the information that was seriously lacking and in demand, in a safe, practical and informative guide.


A Simple, Practical Guide To Get You Going Quickly

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT  makes navigating the black market a breeze and puts all your concerns to rest.

Also included is access to valuable resources and websites that will help you with your TRT education and management.

The Anarchist's Guide To TRT

Grab It While Stocks Last!

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