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The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT


Your Practical Guide to Safe, Affordable, and Effective Self-Managed Testosterone Replacement Therapy on the Black Market.

New Stock arriving June 2023.

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New Stock arriving June 2023.

Feeling down? Mood swings? Mojo not working? Maybe your testosterone level is lower than it should be. Maybe you have Low-T. What are you doing about it? Picking up information here and there, but not sure how to evaluate any of it? Wondering how to go the self-treatment route? That’s where The Anarchist’s Guide to TRT—Testosterone Replacement Therapy—comes in. No matter what stage of investigation you’re at, all the information you need to reverse your Low-T is now between two covers. Step by step this guide shows how to determine what your T levels should be, how to locate specialists and source products—on the black market if necessary—and how to self-administer testosterone, if that’s the route you choose.

Why an anarchist’s guide? Because you need a philosophy of freedom to mentally, reinforce your right to ingest substances you believe will benefit you. Anarchy is shorthand, not for “no rules,” but rather no rulers. You’re not just a body needing an injection, but also a person with rights. You live and work in a world where you may not be free to do what’s you decide is best. You live under the thumb of the state, so you have to find workarounds that keep you out of jail as well as out of the doctor’s office. Step by step, The Anarchist’s Guide to TRT will show you how to procure and administer testosterone to replace what your body’s not making enough of safely and effectively.

The Anarchist’s Guide To TRT is your practical guide to safe, affordable, and effective self-managed testosterone replacement therapy on the black market.

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